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Design & Motion

Just winging it.


Featured Projects

Brandlive is a video-communication software company built to give companies and brands a platform to create, host, and scale webinars and events powered by branded video.


Brandlive Creative Creative Direction & Video
Allhands Brand Direction & Video

Allhands is a Brandlive product built to energize and align internal teams with TV-quality meetings and a central hub for on-demand videos. As part of the Allhands product launch, Brandlive sought to create an animated 2-minute video to be used as the centerpiece in communicating key messaging and to later work as a foundation for ads and other various marketing assets. The result was a distinct product narrative complemented by a charming and colorful treatment. 


Act On Concept, Design & Video

Act On marketing automation went through a rebrand with the launch of their new and improved platform. The launch required a brand anthem video to help showcase not only the reinvented brand, but also emphasize the value of having the tools to build a brand that people care about. 

Act On

Helvetica Now Design & Video

Helvetica Now is a new chapter in the story of perhaps the best-known typeface of all time. The Typeface release was promoted with a dynamic and rhythmic type animation built to show off this reimagined staple. This quick turn not only accomplished its primary goal, but was also viewed over 800k times and received 8 creative awards.

Helvetica Now

Galois Animation Video

Galois protects your most important information. These two awareness videos were created to educate industries that rely on critical systems about formal methods and formal verification. Rudimentary shapes and primary colors were used to distill complicated, mathematical ideas down to two simplified overviews. These details were successfully applied to reach a broad audience and keep viewers from getting lost in the details.


Assorted Goodies Animation & Design

A compilation of GIFs and Illustrations without a client or purpose. Created mostly for, well, me!

Assorted Goodies

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